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Features of the Backbone - flyer bow

  • Improved Bow Strength (No Holes)
  • Wire is Out of the Air Stream
  • Bow Shaped like a Wing for Improved Aerodynamics and Low Cw Factor
  • Wear Strip eliminated and relaced by Wear Bushings with Windows for easy Inspection and Dust Cleaning
  • Wear Bushings can be Ceramic, Steel (48-58Rc) and other Materials or Coatings
  • Wear Bushings Improve Support or Difficult to Make Products
  • No Wire Pinching between Guide and Wear Strip

    Benefits of the Backbone - Flyer Bow

  • Higher TPM - Maintaining Wire Quality
  • Reduced Elongation @ higher TPM
  • Reduced Bow Breakage
  • Increased Life on Wear Surfaces Reducing Downtime and Maintenance
  • Easy Assembly and Change Out of Wear Bushings
  • Wire Breaks are Contained Within The Bow
    - Extending Bow Life

Kamatics - Flyer Bow - Cat 63 Reduced Friction with Dimpled hex Guide
Kamatics Flyer Bow - 10  Gage @5800 TPM

Flyer Bow - Backbone
US Patent #7,165,387  #6,233,513
and other International Patents Pending

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